Monday, May 25, 2009

Advertising Life

"You are the Princess of the high school prom and homecoming courts, and beauty pageants.
You are gentleness and refined composure, that conjures images of elegance and self-control....a depiction of all things feminine and lovely."

It's Princess Time
"Princesshood" is a commercial phenomenon in recent years, often due to princess merchandise purveyed by the Disney Company, Mattel, and other toy
manufacturers. Parents buy princess merchandise, such as plastic castles and gowns, for their daughters, and critics have accused this princesshood
phenomenon for encouraging narcissism and behaving like divas.

I looked upon the Creatures.I was stunt.It was right in front of My eyes.
It was the Model.I have lost it, now it's Mine.

It grow so much, but still it's perfect Everything amazed Me.
I will never leave you.I will never blink.I will never loose you...again.
He was a Titanium...She was a Coco, oohh what a smelly Love.
Smelly Love

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