Thursday, June 25, 2009

ping –a

Today, we Ping the World.

C:\ ping –a
Pinging World [] with 32 bytes of data:


.100 Demons in a single disguise, savage sounds, cruelty...
Just hang on.

Reply from 100


He started dialing some numbers, the Flute was magical. He called God. First time, it was put OnHold, but, his second shot was a success. In a rush he told God everything.

Reply from 109


“Love is the perfect antidote. Visualize and feel all the things you love, and all that love you, in your heart.”

Two souls started making Love.
Two souls started spreading Love.

Reply from 69


Someone was mistaken, Someone dealt with another problem… but the Demons were happy.

The Ambulance was there fast.

Reply from 112

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in seconds:
Minimum = 1s, Maximum = 1s, Average = 1s

Everything happens in a second, just PING the right IP, and the World will show you Miracles.

Monday, June 22, 2009

What happens when Mr. Giraffe and Terminator meet?

It all started long time before, when Love and everything coexisted, when 2 souls, irrespective of their
binary structure could be compiled together.

Now... Sultan was indulging in memories.
He accepted it, but never stop wondering: What if?

I saw him reading something, I saw Feelings, He was happy.

"Dear Sultan,
Thank you for
teaching me how to
hold my snowboard and
drive and break too...
tnx for taking a farm
bus and sharing with
me your wonderful
I had a great time with
you and i really
hope i will see
you again somewhere
where we'll spend
more time


It was a Sunday, Terminator came from Church, and met
Mr. Giraffe, who was touched.

After Terminator heard the story , they both settled on helping Sultan.Using their ultra super powers they gathered all the ducks in the area, hoping...
Everyone was there, waiting for a miracle.

Even lazy folks could watch the story from their homes. It was on the news!

Suddenly there was tension, nobody spoke, the stake was too valorous. A Searcher found Her.
I saw Tears of Impossibility in the Sultan's hearth.

Tears of Impossibility is an artifact that makes impossible things become possible.

I was wrong !!!
There is no such artifact, because there are no impossible things.

The Searcher was a mad man. You don't need someone to search for your Love, she will find you.
You just have to jump in the water.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wanna be famous? Kids and Drum ‘n’ Bass is the answer !

The Baby called. He had a job for me. I told him this is my first time, He said: “don’t worry, you’ll do just fine. Embrace it! ” .
I didn’t understand…

So, there I was, at exactly 10:30 in an unknown time, at the exact address that didn’t existed.

Believe me, the place was magical. Colors everywhere; smiles, laughs were infinite here, there a guardian protecting the Sons and Daughters of Fu Xing. It was unbelievable.
I needed evidence.

“Fu is one of the most common symbols in Chinese literature. “Fu” represents Happiness and Good Fortune and is commonly found in all Chinese households and businesses. Symbols of Fu promote Happiness and Good Fortune for its occupants and owners.”

The Ceremony began with the Singer.

Some fainted, Some made wry faces.

There was also impossible Love.

Then came the Diva.

Boys loved Her, Girls hated the Boys.

She was in Love with Freckles, the Hero.

But, He was already married to the Yellow Princess.

After such a long time , She finally found out…

The Ceremony ended. The magic disappeared. The place was empty. Only the Guardians…
I was a little shy, but They knew It was time for Drum 'n' Base on a distant island.
I don't remember very much of that night, but I’m glad there is evidence...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Don't pick on Pigeons!

I don't like Pigeons. I envy Pigeons. I am frustrated by the Pigeons.
“Don't wait. The time will never be just right.” - Napoleon Hill
Today I decided to act. I took my Weapon and Shoot some Pigeons.
I kinda mest it up...

"Hey, what you got? You got nothing because I got it right here.
You picking on my friends?
Get ready to feel the Thunder." - Kung Fu Panda


1. Watch the sky for a flash of lightning.

2. Count the number of seconds until you hear thunder.

3. Divide the number of seconds by 5 to calculate the distance in miles (or divide by 3 for kilometers). -

I thought I had some time. I thought I was far away.
I was wrong.

The Thunder found, he had a phone.

Dacian mythology: "Gebeleizis (or Gebeleixis, Nebeleizis) was a god worshiped by the Getae, probably related to the Thracian god of storm and lightning, Zibelthiurdos. He was represented as a handsome man, sometimes wearing a beard. The lightning and thunder were his manifestations." -

Today He was shaved. He still imprisoned me.

After doing my time, I realized something: I have to Shoot more!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Clouds back into motion.

I am sorry I am human, I can't live in the Sky.
Forgive me I am mortal, I wish I could be a Rain.

My beloved Clouds, don't cry. Your tears are dark and muddy.
My beloved Clouds, just go. Go back to the Ocean.

It's enough when I see you cry and after make loving.

3 important weapons

The Herbaliser - Sensual women