Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wanna be famous? Kids and Drum ‘n’ Bass is the answer !

The Baby called. He had a job for me. I told him this is my first time, He said: “don’t worry, you’ll do just fine. Embrace it! ” .
I didn’t understand…

So, there I was, at exactly 10:30 in an unknown time, at the exact address that didn’t existed.

Believe me, the place was magical. Colors everywhere; smiles, laughs were infinite here, there a guardian protecting the Sons and Daughters of Fu Xing. It was unbelievable.
I needed evidence.

“Fu is one of the most common symbols in Chinese literature. “Fu” represents Happiness and Good Fortune and is commonly found in all Chinese households and businesses. Symbols of Fu promote Happiness and Good Fortune for its occupants and owners.” http://www.godofhappiness.com/

The Ceremony began with the Singer.

Some fainted, Some made wry faces.

There was also impossible Love.

Then came the Diva.

Boys loved Her, Girls hated the Boys.

She was in Love with Freckles, the Hero.

But, He was already married to the Yellow Princess.

After such a long time , She finally found out…

The Ceremony ended. The magic disappeared. The place was empty. Only the Guardians…
I was a little shy, but They knew It was time for Drum 'n' Base on a distant island.
I don't remember very much of that night, but I’m glad there is evidence...


  1. hahaha, "superb, bestial, de nota 10" Chiar si cu micul incident? "a.. pai aia a fost cireasa de pe tort" :)) oricum pozele sunt superbe

  2. Domane frumosi sunt astia mici :)Bineinteles si fotograful foarte talentat ;) Si pe langa asta si vedeta la ProTv :P

  3. pfua ce s-o bagat Mircea...:-W Si eu care speram ca dau primul comment...bine Mircea, bine...las ca vezi tu...nu iti mai arata io cum se rezolva problemele la Bia [-( (Ser ca e mircea care cred eu :p Daca nu...imi retrag comentariul :"> )

  4. si eu voiaaam:((( raul de ce nu mi-ai zis :-w

  5. multumesc mult Mircea :D. A fost un weekend bestial!!

  6. Pomi, copii erau niste ingeri :)
    Sa sti ca ai fost prima fata care a commentat :P so... tot esti prima !!

  7. Anca, promit! data viitoare...