Monday, June 22, 2009

What happens when Mr. Giraffe and Terminator meet?

It all started long time before, when Love and everything coexisted, when 2 souls, irrespective of their
binary structure could be compiled together.

Now... Sultan was indulging in memories.
He accepted it, but never stop wondering: What if?

I saw him reading something, I saw Feelings, He was happy.

"Dear Sultan,
Thank you for
teaching me how to
hold my snowboard and
drive and break too...
tnx for taking a farm
bus and sharing with
me your wonderful
I had a great time with
you and i really
hope i will see
you again somewhere
where we'll spend
more time


It was a Sunday, Terminator came from Church, and met
Mr. Giraffe, who was touched.

After Terminator heard the story , they both settled on helping Sultan.Using their ultra super powers they gathered all the ducks in the area, hoping...
Everyone was there, waiting for a miracle.

Even lazy folks could watch the story from their homes. It was on the news!

Suddenly there was tension, nobody spoke, the stake was too valorous. A Searcher found Her.
I saw Tears of Impossibility in the Sultan's hearth.

Tears of Impossibility is an artifact that makes impossible things become possible.

I was wrong !!!
There is no such artifact, because there are no impossible things.

The Searcher was a mad man. You don't need someone to search for your Love, she will find you.
You just have to jump in the water.

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  1. Raul io n-am vazut sultani pe-acolo *dumb*