Saturday, September 26, 2009

189 seconds to reset a life.

I never thought my life is not going to be perfect. I am a dreamer and when i dream, conditions are perfect. I have everything: peace, mystery, energy, Time, love and superpowers.
189 seconds ago i had them all.

I don't know who decided for me,but, I had a nightmare. Everything was slowly shacking of the grounds, getting more intense with each second. I remember exactly the first seconds, my first
steps into unknown, the first contact.

At the begging was emotion, then panic and frustration cause it hit me. and it didn't give me any chance.

surprise Life Failure!!!

It all took exactly 189 seconds. My life was reset!

This was the armageddon of my life, unfortunately the meteor hit me. Now i'm collecting and putting my Earth together. thing: I've created my nightmare! so, be careful what you dream for!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Across this bridge... is another bridge.

You tried to kill me. I'm happy!

You made me suicide with your kisses.
You suffocated me with your skin.
You poisoned me with your eyes.
You threw me away in your arms.

finally... You killed me with Love.

* My Love,...
> You've been doing it all wrong!

* I Love You,...
> You don't know what Love is!

Across this bridge we made Love for the first time.

Across this bridge you promised me an ice cream.
Across this bridge we covered ourselves in dreams.
Across this bridge you told me the truth.

When you left, you resurrected me, but i wanted me dead.
I promised never to forget our bridge, but you said: Across this bridge is another bridge...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Black Sea is not Black at all!

This year I was hitchhiking through the Milky Way Galaxy.
Just wondering around, eating proton bars (my favorite),
when it hit me. It was probably garbage from a rocket, a really strange rocket, I founded it later on the Uninet
It said:"Now, the best Shawarma is on the beach of the Black Sea. Are you hungry, swim your way over here"

I said: I'm hungry, is there a Black Sea??

"Black is the color of objects that do not emit or reflect light in any part of the visible spectrum." - my AI4 (Artificial Intelligence) prototype displayed on the screen.

How does "black" taste or smell?
If you open your eyes in "black", what do you see?
Will I be able to wash off the "blackness" from my skin?

I definitely have to swim in the Black Sea.

...vvvjjjuuuu vjjjuuuuu...

Damn you! Damn you! You earthlings have a way with the words...
The Black Sea is not black at all! At least the Shawarma is great...