Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Across this bridge... is another bridge.

You tried to kill me. I'm happy!

You made me suicide with your kisses.
You suffocated me with your skin.
You poisoned me with your eyes.
You threw me away in your arms.

finally... You killed me with Love.

* My Love,...
> You've been doing it all wrong!

* I Love You,...
> You don't know what Love is!

Across this bridge we made Love for the first time.

Across this bridge you promised me an ice cream.
Across this bridge we covered ourselves in dreams.
Across this bridge you told me the truth.

When you left, you resurrected me, but i wanted me dead.
I promised never to forget our bridge, but you said: Across this bridge is another bridge...


  1. Wow Raul cat de deep...
    Me likes

  2. ce senzatie faina mi-a dat poza cand a vazut-o..:) si anume dupa cum e surprinsa si in fotografie..."luminita" de la capatul tunelului(ceva lumini stradale i guess)...in viziunea mea..a new life,something different...:) very nice ;)

  3. Iti multumesc Bia.
    E foarte interesant sa observi trairile altor persoane. Imi place cand fotografiile trezesc in oameni feelinguri.