Thursday, December 24, 2009

Teenage dirtbag looking for some color

i'm a teenage dirtbag, i'm not popular.
i'm a feelings beggar, i need my Color.

i'm ready to make the Trade, i'm not affraid!
i will give You my World just bring back my Color.

i'm holding my Color against the wall.
They are taking everything away.

It doesn't matter, i'm Complete...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I found a Lovenitrix

The Lovenitrix is an alien device which you can attach to your Hearth, its purpose is to let you experience trully amazing Feelings, it only needs a milligram of Love. This way you surrely can heal the world.

There are 4 Love-forms that you can initiate when you activate the Lovenitrix:

1. Elastic Love - you can stretch your Love into any imaginable form.

2. The Falcon - an excellent trainer of wild Love.

3. Flash - presents a single super-power, he is a super-Love-speedster.

4. Invisible Love - the primary power deals with Love waves, allowing you to render yourself invisible Love.

I will try the device as soon as I'm done with my homework, and then I'll come back to you...