Thursday, December 3, 2009

I found a Lovenitrix

The Lovenitrix is an alien device which you can attach to your Hearth, its purpose is to let you experience trully amazing Feelings, it only needs a milligram of Love. This way you surrely can heal the world.

There are 4 Love-forms that you can initiate when you activate the Lovenitrix:

1. Elastic Love - you can stretch your Love into any imaginable form.

2. The Falcon - an excellent trainer of wild Love.

3. Flash - presents a single super-power, he is a super-Love-speedster.

4. Invisible Love - the primary power deals with Love waves, allowing you to render yourself invisible Love.

I will try the device as soon as I'm done with my homework, and then I'll come back to you...


  1. Faina cea cu stopurile rosii, ti-a iesit! :)

  2. Multumesc Luci...
    Tie? cum arata pozele?

  3. I never told you but I love your blog and this last post is brilliant, not only the photos but also the ideas. My respects!


  4. Hi Vero, i really really thank you... a lot and hope to meet you... in SM maybe.

    PS: why didn't you tell me you also have a blog?
    anyways, i added you :*:*

    szio Vero! :D

  5. I kept it a secret.... so now it's yours to keep as well. ssshhhh

    P.S. Hope to see you too... sometime soon? Maybe for Christmas.

  6. yeah, maybe for this Christmas :)

    Don't worry, your secret is safe.

    te pup.