Thursday, December 24, 2009

Teenage dirtbag looking for some color

i'm a teenage dirtbag, i'm not popular.
i'm a feelings beggar, i need my Color.

i'm ready to make the Trade, i'm not affraid!
i will give You my World just bring back my Color.

i'm holding my Color against the wall.
They are taking everything away.

It doesn't matter, i'm Complete...


  1. Multumesc si Craciun Fericit!!! :D

  2. sunt superbe !
    Sarbatori fericite !

  3. >:D< multumesc Bia

    si tie:
    Fericit Craciun!
    Fericite Sarbatori!

  4. Tare, tare misto postarea asta. :) Dar headerul nou nu mi-l place, pari prea incordat in poza.

  5. "[Maxi Jazz]
    My love is generations old,
    I was there when trees died as the world went cold
    Still there when my people were bought and sold
    What's going on? What's going on?

    Your love is on a grand scale
    Mine is in the detail
    Your love is to rule the world
    We just want to have to hold

    Two hearts, both forgiving
    Two ways to see the same thing
    One house there's room for all
    We just want to have to hold (2x)

    [Maxi Jazz & Dido]
    No roots, no tree, no family, no me"

    - foarte frumos -