Sunday, October 24, 2010

7:42 Mission Not impossible

4 in the morning... the bed is too small, i'm hungry and i can feel her incredible skin... i'm on the edge

i have a cookie on my desk. i get up and suddently 2 Angels mute the sound and give me an imposible mission: Rule the World for a day!

I wake her up... I'm starting to get freaky...she's still confused

"...come on, eat something, we have to go. It's time!"
Earth's hearthbeat started off slow this morning

I have only one shot: the Ones who rule the Sun have the entire World at their feet

Today the World is Mine!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

when Boldy met Ugly

In the beginning She was ugly He was bold
Born on different planets, He was a Mars, She was an Uranus
...but the wind brought the unpredictable

She was his Air, He was her Fire
Deep down He was a rebel, She wanted to save the World the adventure began

Something happened when Boldy met Ugly

She started to be pretty,
He started to grow hair...