Wednesday, June 15, 2011

a Factory inside

there are almost 7 billion Factories in the world. large Warehouses where feelings are manufactured. I wonder how many create Products of Love...

My Factory:

Since I first saw You, I'm falling in love every time we meet,talk or Skype >:D
I have goosebumps and I know how to make You a good coffee.
When we don't have sugar for the tea, ... You understand.
I know what % of Alcohol a good beer should have, and also what to not say when You are moody.
I learnt to put more salt while cooking and to share ice-cream and cookies.
I know Your favorite movie and Your dreams...

I love You like crazy,
I need You even more,
I'll do whatever You ask me,
I'll even slay the Dragon next door...

the future for our Factories is not green energy; is Love, Care and Joy